Brake Services Andrews, TX

For the modern vehicle to operate safely, all of the interconnected systems and features have to work in seamless unison to ensure optimal functionality. Many people say the most important of which is your brake system. Here is some quick information on the importance of your brake system, and it’s maintenance. 


Firstly, being able to identify any malfunctions or problems is imperative to understanding your vehicles brakes. While it’s generally easy to tell when your vehicle is experiencing brake problems, some signs are much less obvious. You may experience some odd noises coming from your vehicle, such as a high pitched squeal or grinding noise. This is an indicator that your break pads are worn, and will need replacing. Some additional indicators that you may experience is your puling to one side when braking is attempted, strange vibrating throughout the steering wheel, or strong pressure against the pedals. Signs like this shouldn’t be ignored! You should schedule a service appointment as soon as possible to ensure that no further damage is done to your vehicles brakes. 


You may be wondering what the typical brake inspection entails. Most service departments will check the following components of your brake system during an inspection. The brakes pads and shoes, rotor machine, brake caliper or caliper pin, and fluids are inspected for any potential or current problems, as all of these parts are essential to the braking system. 


However, you shouldn’t only have your brakes inspected when they start malfunctioning! Though your vehicle may not be throwing up warning signs, regular brake inspection can help to keep you safe. On top of that, regular inspections ensure that our expert technicians can catch the smaller repairs to help you avoid the bigger, expensive problems. Bring your vehicle in at least once a year to ensure proper functionality of your brakes!


So, if you think your vehicle may be facing some brake problems, or you’re just due for an inspection, you can schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians here!Ber We look forward to doing business with you!  

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